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Godmother Hotline

You’ve dreamed of this day and planned everything as perfectly as you could imagine. You have booked vendors, invited guests, decorated, measured and purchased. But what if you missed something? What if something does not go quite as planned? Not to worry; your trained professional Fairy Godmother is just a phone call away! With the Hotline Service, you make the call, we work the magic. Get immediate assistance from a planner anytime during your reserved time slot. We can offer advice, assistance, and solutions the moment you need them! Hotline service is provided free with many packages; time slots must be booked in advance.


Pumpkin Coach

We understand that putting a wedding together takes a lot of devoted helping hands and not every bride has ALL the help she needs to get it done in time. We are happy to help! Our staff is dedicated to filling in those areas where you find yourself short on help and we offer an extensive list of items that you can choose from. With our Pumpkin Coach you can build your very own custom package suited specifically to your wedding needs!




A La Carte Services:

  • $25 per hour
  • FREE with most packages
  • Must book timeslot
    (at least) 24 hours in advance
  • Personal Wedding Emergency Line
  • Immediately Assistance
  • During Your Time Slot:
  • A personal planner will be on standbye to immediately answer  your calls
  • You can receive encouragement, advice, suggestions and solutions immediately
  • Purchase Individual Tasks
  • Mix & Match
  • Consultations
  • Etiquette Guidance & Advice
  • Design Theme Inspiration/Development
  • Budget Assist
  • Vendor Arrangements
  • Item Assembly
  • Itinerary/Timeline Creation
  • Stuff, Seal, Label, Mail Correspondences
  • 100s items, contact us for a complete list…

Ready for the Magic to Begin!

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