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Proposals – Tips and Ideas

Proposals – Tips and Ideas


ne of the most special moments in your life is the day you get engaged. You’ve spent days, weeks, months, years searching for the one you want to spend your life with. You’ve dated, swapped gifts, laughed and made memories together. You’ve come down to that final decision, yes you want to spend your the rest of your life with this special person! But will she say yes? Will he ask you?

Asking a woman to marry you is no easy task. You are probably nervous, palms sweating, mouth dry, you want to say all the right things that will sweep her off her feet, but how?
Just as with any special event, your proposal should be well planned. Decide ahead of time on a date, time and place and decide how you will propose; what suits both of your personalities. You should know a lot about your special lady and know what her interests are, use these interests in your proposal.
For example, is she into sports? You can always go with the classic ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on the scoreboard at a game. Maybe she likes traditional things, and you want to go with the beautiful rooftop or luxurious dining experience with a one knee proposal. Whatever fits your personalities, be sure to plan it thoroughly out so she can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into it. Treat her to a day of pampering beforehand or a take her somewhere that is special to you two. Take her for a ride in a Hot Air Balloon and propose at the highest point. Most of all be creative!
We LOVE this great video of a truly creative and memorable proposal! Check it out:


Knowing you are ready to marry the man you’ve found and hoping he’ll ask you to marry him can be a very nerve-racking experience. You’ve waited your whole life to meet prince charming, now you know you’ve found him, but you do not know if he feels the same about you. How can you drop the hint?
Well again, consider both of your personalities. Some guys think it is great if the girl is bolder and asks him, and others would be completely turned away by such daring. Just the same, don’t let the moment carry you away, if you’ve waited your whole life to be proposed to, you do not want to take that away from yourself be being too impatient.
So what do you do then? The best way to approach the subject is just that, approach it. Ask him what his thoughts are about marriage, if it is something he wants in the near future and what his idea of marriage is. This is an important conversation for a dating couple to have before engagement anyway, and it opens the doorway for more marriage talk that might help you see more where he is at in the relationship.

Author – Becky Bourland, Lead Fairy Godmother at Fairy Godmother Weddings, an Upstate South Carolina wedding company serving the bride and grooms of Greenville – Spartanburg – Greer and more.