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Choosing Wedding Floral

Choosing Wedding Floral


hoosing your wedding floral is a very wide subject and depends greatly on your own personal tastes. I have found that choosing your floral can be made a bit easier by following these steps:

1. Create an organized list of the Wedding Party Members – Groom, Bride, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower girl, Ring bearer etc. Add to this list close friends and family that you want to have floral for on your wedding day.

2. Then decide what type of floral each person will receive (Boutonniere for Grandpa, corsage for grandma, headpiece for your niece etc.)

3. Next you will want to add decor floral to your list. Start with the ceremony and list what things you wish to decorate with floral, such as pews, aisles, entry tables, ceremony table etc. When you have completed adding ceremony you can begin adding reception floral decor needs. (Don’t forget to include areas like foyers, and restrooms.)

4. When your list is complete, begin researching types of floral and arrangements on the internet; note ones that you like and research what seasons they are available. (In season floral is not nearly as expensive as out of season imported floral.) As you research keep your color or theme in mind; you don’t want to choose colors too far out of your color scheme as they may clash or negatively effect the rest of your decor setup. Also be aware that too many tall arrangements on tables will block eye and camera sight, if you are going to have tall arrangements try to have them above eye level and space them farther apart to avoid making the room too overbearing and heavy.

5. Lastly, take photos, of the arrangements that you like, with you, when you meet with your florist. (Be sure to bring copies for your florist to keep.) If you are concerned that you will have difficulty staying within your floral budget be sure to share your max dollar amount with the florist and ask them to work with you to stay within your budgeted range. A good florist will be more than willing to help you stay within your range and will be able to offer suggestions of flowers that are close to what you are wanting but maybe less expensive.

Don’t forget: Not all floral is flowers! Berries, greenery, and twigs are only a few of the many other decorative options you have to help blend your colors and make your arrangements and bouquets come together beautifully.
A few fresh ideas:
Try using planted flowers as centerpieces – these make great gifts for guests and/or assistants, and you do not have to throw away your beautiful floral at the end of the day!
Kissing balls can be expensive in large quantities – try a cheaper route like hanging a small bunch of flowers or stringing up jars of floral instead.
Twigs are an excellent choice for a centerpiece and are less bulky than large, tall flowers.
If your wedding party members are wearing darker colors consider going with a lighter flower so that it stands out more. It is never a good idea to match your bouquet to the exact color of your attire as the bouquets will seem to disappear in front of the gowns or tuxes. A better match would be to add the color of your attire as an accent in the bouquet and choose a lighter color for the central flower.

Author – Becky Bourland, Lead Fairy Godmother at Fairy Godmother Weddings, an Upstate South Carolina wedding company serving the bride and grooms of Greenville – Spartanburg – Greer and more.

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