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Fairy Godmother Weddings is a wedding planning and coordination company that serves the brides and grooms of South Carolina. The company was started by Becky Bourland with one main goal in mind – to prevent newly weds from falling into typical wedding pitfalls, by offering stress-free, easy planning. Our brides and their grooms tell us what they envision for their weddings and we take care of EVERYTHING else! Too many couples dreamily begin making their wedding plans only to become quickly overwhelmed by the details and responsibilities, which improperly balanced, can lead to utter chaos. Why should you have to become an expert in proper wedding etiquette for only one day in your life? Let your Fairy Godmother be the expert, so that you can enjoy your day and not have to worry. In her book, “I’m Engaged…Now What? The First Five Steps”, Becky says,

[The] pre-wedding time should be full of joy, laughter and maybe a few happy tears, but if not planned and organized well it can quickly lead to anger, arguments and tears of frustration.”

In the same book Becky gives a picture of her own wedding through the following story:

I am a highly organized person and when I got married I planned to have a small wedding of no more than 100 guests, children included. Already having excellent organizational skills I saw no reason to research or get help planning… I dove in head first. There were phone calls, purchases, decorations, food, clothing, engagement photos, wedding day before and after photos, invitations, guests, seating, gifts, music…it was dizzying. I had planned, or so I thought, down to the very last detail and yet when the day came there was so much I had missed and thing after thing came tumbling down. Looking back, I’m relieved at how much actually did go right that day. Most of it due to my mother and faithful friends who stepped up to fix things I didn’t even know were a problem till long after. But as I looked back I realized many things I could have done so very differently to have eased the day. I would have been able to enjoy [my wedding] much more, as would my friends and family.”

Because of her experience Becky later sought to assist her friends and family members with their wedding plans, in order to help them avoid the same problems she fell into. With each wedding came new complications and new solutions, allowing Becky to build a thorough repertoire of how a wedding should be properly planned.

Becky adds,

There are so many little details to planning a wedding that are easily missed, like when and what to eat the day of, and remembering to involve your family and friends in the process.”

So don’t waste your precious day stressing over the details only to see them crumble. You should be spending this time with your prince charming and going to lunch with your mom, sister and soon-to-be, mother-in-law. Give us a call today and let us do the hard part for you!


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“Your services were above and beyond excellent! Our wedding was truly perfect; we couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for being my Fairy Godmother!”