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10 Wedding Mistakes – #6 Budgeting


#6 Budgeting


et’s talk about the unspeakable but most important wedding planning subject…your budget. This is a very sensitive topic for most people and is often avoided, postpone or worst never discussed during the wedding planning process. It is extremely important that despite any reservations you might have you tackle the budget beast FIRST THING. Find out how much you will have to spend on your wedding, create a plan and stick to it. Here’s why…

Imagine, instead of a wedding, you are planning to have a week long mountain climbing experience. You have never climbed a mountain before so you pour over books about it, researching thoroughly. You buy all the correct equipment, pack all the right snacks, and make the perfect schedule. You arrive on day one ready to go, but you will never make it to the top of that mountain. Why? Despite all of your efforts to be mentally prepared, your body is not prepared. You never exercised, never practiced climbing a mountain, never worked on proper breathing for the climate, etc.

Planning a wedding without a budget is much like this example. You can make all the right plans, choose the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the ideal caterer, but when the time comes to pay for everything, if you do not have a budget you will quickly find yourself scrambling and feel the strain of wondering “can I afford this?” “Did I overextend what I can spend?” Don’t open the door of opportunity for stress to attack you near your wedding time, plan ahead so you can feel confident in exactly how much you can afford.

It is important to note also that your budget and how much you plan to spend will be one of the first questions EVERY vendor will ask you. First is what date is your event, second is how much is your budget for THIS category. If you only know the entire amount you have to spend on your wedding but you have not planned out how you will divide it amongst the different categories you will not be able to answer these questions properly.

“So how do I know what things will cost?” you ask… Start researching. Call around to a few vendors for each category and ask about their pricing. Be prepared for lots of questions about what you may want, and prepare several scenarios for areas you are unsure. For example, the caterer will need to know how many will be eating, what type of food you’ll serve and whether the meal will be buffet or plated. These are things you cannot answer before knowing how much you can spend, so give them three or four different scenarios and ask them for ballpark figures. Remember – they do this all the time, so they understand that you might not be able to answer many of their questions straight out.

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Author – Becky Bourland, Lead Fairy Godmother at Fairy Godmother Weddings, an Upstate South Carolina wedding company serving the bride and grooms of Greenville – Spartanburg – Greer and more.

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