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10 Wedding Mistakes – #10 Weather


#10 Not Planning for Weather


o one wants to plan a beautiful wedding only to find nine months later that a torrential downpour is expected that day. Showing up at your wedding a drenched wreck was NOT in your plans. But as much as you wish you could, there is no way to tell for sure what the weather is going to be like on your big day. You need to plan for all types of weather, especially for an outdoor wedding.

For starters, in humidity makeup and hairspray tend to melt away quickly. It is important to research the humidity levels for the wedding location at the time of year you’ve chosen and plan accordingly. If you are getting married outside, don’t choose a high humidity time of year, and no matter what type of wedding you are having, it is best if you can have your hair and makeup done on location. The closer to the ceremony you can have yourself “put together” the longer that perfect look will last.

In drier locations, your skin can dry out quickly, especially if you are not used to that type of climate. If your wedding is held in a very dry climate location, start using lotion daily, several months before the wedding and twice daily a week or so before the wedding. You would not want to have dry, cracked skin on your big day!

To plan for rain if you are having an outdoor wedding, you’ll need a backup plan to move inside in case of inclement weather. You’ll need to put the backup location on your invitations so that your guests know where to go if it is raining the day of the wedding. Wherever your wedding is, be sure to bring an umbrella and pack everything in plastic – carrying items to and from the car while trying to balance an umbrella and keep everything dry is NOT easy, and you are bound to get something wet. Lastly, bring a blow-dryer and some towels. Even with the plastic and the umbrella you will most likely still have something you need to dry. It would also be a nice gesture to have a few blow dryers in the bathrooms for your guests to dry themselves off after the mad-dash through the rain.

For winter weddings, you’ll need to be aware of your location. If your wedding is in the south, you can more easily prepare. Just be sure to have several bags of sand for steps and slippery areas in case of snow or freezing water. Also, place several heavy duty rugs for your guests to wipe their shoes on as they track in mud and snow. However, if your wedding location is up north, you’re more likely to have problems with blizzards and hail. The best way to plan ahead for a blizzard is to set a backup wedding date so that you will not have to call all of your guests to inform them that since you are all snowed in you’ll be moving the wedding to a different day.

Whatever the weather and whatever the situation if you plan ahead appropriately you will not be too stressed out when you have to alter your plans a little. You’ll be glad you did!

Author – Becky Bourland, Lead Fairy Godmother at Fairy Godmother Weddings, an Upstate South Carolina wedding company serving the bride and grooms of Greenville – Spartanburg – Greer and more.

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